Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Summer Shower

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Charles E Perugini
(English, 1839-1918)
A Summer Shower, 1888
Oil on canvas


  1. I love this one! I adore the dresses, of course. And the girls' different attitudes; the one in the front looks like she's about to run out there rain or no rain. Notice they only have one racket. I bet she's going to go get the other one. As for the other two, the one on the left looks like something of a worrywart..."Oh dear, oh dear, whenever will it stop? Our dresses will be quite ruined if we go out in that mud!" And the one on the left...idk. She seems to just be humbly accepting it. This is one of those paintings that has a lot of story to it, and it can be a different story to everyone. Oh, and they are definitely sisters.

  2. I love how important and monumental he made such a silly subject look. XD