Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! And happy anniversary to this blog! 

I started this blog January 1st 2010 to keep track of my favorite paintings and share them with others. There are now 365 paintings on this blog, one for every day of the year. 

I won't be posting daily in 2011, but I'll try to post any interesting paintings I find! Feel free to re-experience this blog by starting at the beginning and looking at each day's painting from last year! ;) I will still update this blog and A True Word occasionally, just not every day.

I'm so glad I could share all these paintings with you, my readers around the world! :)

And a quick note about me, since some of you have been curious: My name is Rosemary, I just turned 16 in December, my favorite artist is Edward Burne-Jones, I love art, I love poetry, I love to read, I love to draw, I love crafts, and I love talking to my readers, so feel free to get in touch! :)


  1. I've enjoyed all the beautiful paintings! I'm glad you'll still post any you find... and it's nice to find about a little more about you! :D

  2. Oh Rosemary! I'll be so sad!!!! But your blog is awesome!!!! But I have already told you that... a couple times.

  3. Thanks Katherine! I'll definitely still post when I find stuff worth sharing! :)

    Thanks Rebecca!!!! ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing a bit about your self. I look forward to what you will bring us in the future and will miss you daily posts :)

  5. Rosemary. Too beautiful a name to be written simply as R. (^?^)

    I'm glad you started this blog a year ago... it's a wonderful way to step into the realm of these paintings. I have been coming here to just linger and soak in all the grandeur.

    So thank you for sharing them. All the best to you in 2011!


  6. Thanks Juju! I love reading your book reviews! :)

    Thank you, Amalia! I feel the same way about your blog and art! All the best in 2011 to you too! :)

  7. I love you, Rosemary! I have enjoyed seeing the paintings in my readers list and you were so consistent :)! Love you, TG!

  8. Love you too, Clare! And thank you!! :)