Friday, July 8, 2011

Monarch of the Glen

(click to enlarge)
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
(English, 1802-1873)
Monarch of the Glen, 1851
Oil on canvas


  1. So beautiful. I love the idea of your blog.


  2. What amazing color. And the animal looks so regal.

  3. Ditto to Juju, I was just thinking how regal he looked

  4. What a beautiful creature he is! Truly the 'Monarch of the Glen' like a lion is king of his 'forest' (Savannah? lol!). Though I must say I had no idea there was a painting called this...have you seen the sappy, rather trashy Scottish soap opera called "Monarch of the Glen"? I have. I liked it mostly for the delicious accents, the occasional cultural event of interest, the beautiful landscapes, etc and the beautiful old estate house. The stupid plot lines and soapy arguments were ....annoying. xD They also had like no morals. And then my mother banned me from watching it. ha.(I was around 12) But yeah.....How did you find this particular painting, dear?

  5. I've never seen a soap opera in my life, but if it had Scottish accents I would! :D They must have the most beautiful accents in the world. <3
    I found this painting while searching for dog paintings. XD