Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fairies of the Meadow

(click to enlarge)
Nils Blommer
(Swedish, 1816-1853)
Fairies of the Meadow,1850
Oil on canvas

This painting is so different! I wish I could find a higher quality photo . . . Anyway, notice the knight on horseback in the background. And how the fairies hover above the ground!


  1. *gasp*
    This is beautiful! Yet really haunting. It reminds me of the story "Giselle" which is about some poor girl dying, and she becomes this fairy like spirit, and her lover tries to find her, and she has to make him dance with her all night. He dies in the end if I remember correctly. Quite depressing. Love the painting though.

  2. Oooh that's a pretty story, Anna! I very much like this painting, and I came to comment on it because you made me feel guilty. :-P It's pretty, and a really cool way.

  3. Oh my goodness, it does look like Giselle! I had forgotten all about that story (I hated it when I was little XD)! But that totally fits it, Anna!

    Yes, very happy. ^.^

  4. :)
    Yeah, it wasn't my favorite, but the story kind of stuck, being so depressing, and creepy. However, the story has grown on me.