Saturday, April 17, 2010


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John William Waterhouse
(English, 1849-1917)
Juliet, 1898
Oil on canvas

Juliet from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. I'm sure the plot is well known enough that I don't need to post a summary. Whether you like the play or not, it's a pretty painting. :)


  1. Ahhh. So young! I know Romeo and Juliet aren't very old in the play, but I've always imagined them older. 19 at least . . .
    I love the colors in this though. And her hair. So pretty. ::)

  2. They're 13 and 15. O_O Anywho, I love this! She looks perfect, and just so cute. :)

  3. 13 and 15?! Don't know why, but I thought they were 14 and 17. Can't decide if that is less creepy or more creepy . . .
    But yeah, one of my favorite Waterhouses. ^.^