Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Swallow, Swallow

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John Melhuish Strudwick
(English, 1849-1937)
Oh Swallow, Swallow, 1894
Oil on canvas

The National Museums Liverpool website has great information on this painting:
This painting was inspired by lines from Tennyson’s ‘The Princess’ about a swallow flying south with a message from the poet to his beloved. She sits in a richly painted, intricately decorated interior awaiting the message from the bird, which is seen through the open window.
 Can you see the bird in the window? I doubt it, because the picture is so blurry. But fear not! You can see the painting and zoom in on all it's awesome details here at the museum's site! Definitely check it out! Not only can you see the bird in the window, you can also see every petal on the roses, the words on the pages of the open book, the design on her dress, and the decorations on her harp! I hope to post more paintings like this soon!


  1. did anyone else notice the rather large space between the smallest finger on her right and her ring finger? ;D ;D really beautiful painting. :D I espec. like the gold heart necklace and the box at her feet and her sandals. ;D

    :-* CM

    PS really like the zoom thing!!! it's awesome!! 8-)

  2. Her hands are definitely pretty stylized. I know! I could zoom in on it for hours!