Friday, June 18, 2010

The Reluctant Pianist

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William A. Breakspeare
(English, 1855-1914)
The Reluctant Pianist, ????
Oil on canvas

I don't know what's going on, but it's a gorgeous painting! Any ideas?


  1. I'm thinking something along the lines of:
    "Mary, play for Mr. Whatshisface!"
    "But Mother-"
    "No buts! You'll never get married if you don't show off to the gentlemen!"
    "But I don't LIKE him!"
    "Nonsense! He's rich! Now PLAY!"

  2. Yeah, I was thinking something along the lines of her refusing to marry him.

  3. That's what I thought too. But I knew Katie would find a funny way to say it! ;)

  4. the first thing I thought of is my sister---she kinda looks petulant and stuff like that when doing things like playing the piano...writing a paper...anything!! ;D ;D and the guy looks....ridonculous. :P ;D ;D

    :-* CM

  5. He's chatting with her younger brother as if that will show her how witty and fun he is -- while she is saying..."oh please". Her mother is encouraging the visit, which will clearly not work.