Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Lady Clare

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John William Waterhouse
(English, 1849-1917)
The Lady Clare, 1900
Oil on canvas

I love the pinks and browns in this painting. And that sweet pink rose in her hair! She's from Tennyson's poem The Lady Clare. Here's the part the painting depicts:
She clad herself in a russet gown,
She was no longer Lady Clare:
She went by dale, and she went by down,
With a single rose in her hair.

The lily-white doe Lord Ronald had brought
Leapt up from where she lay,
Dropt her head in the maiden's hand,
And follow'd her all the way.


  1. The rose is lovely. And the foxgloves in the bottom right corner. I love the color of her dress. She looks rather despondent.

  2. Well, she just found out that she's not of noble birth and is going to tell her fiance. She thinks he'll abandon her. :( The ending is rather obvious, but not to her of course. ;)
    The poem's rather long, but you can read it here if you want:

  3. I absolutely LOVE that little doe!!!!!!!!!! Her color and the color of the Lady Clare's complexion just totally perfect this painting for me.

  4. Poor thing. I'm glad she gets a happy ending.
    thanks for the link! I must find time to read it.

  5. The poem and the picture are both beautiful.