Thursday, February 4, 2010

Peacock Profile

(click to enlarge)
Edgar Maxence
(French, 1871-1954)
Peacock Profile, 1896
Pastel and gouache on silver

I love peacocks! There's two in this picture, make sure to spot them both!


  1. I think I can see it up in the tree . . .

  2. same!

    Peacock feathers are so pretty! My brother found one once, I think at some thrift store, or sitting around an art studio, and he brought it home to stay in our school room.
    The forest is so mysterious looking, in a fairy tale like way. I really want to go into the painting and take a walk.

  3. Aw! My sisters and I used to spend forever at the peacock cage at the nature reserve trying to pull fallen feathers out! ;)

  4. This one is so cool! I found the both peacocks. :-D Of course one of them is sort of obvious. I had to enlarge it to find the other one, though. :-P