Monday, February 1, 2010

Lady with a Glove

(click to enlarge)
Charles Auguste Emile Durand
(French, 1838-1917)
Lady with a Glove, 1869
Oil on canvas

Check out the pretty wallpaper! I also love the bright yellow flower!


  1. I really love that yellow flower . . . it's such a contrast to her black outfit. Is that her other glove dropped on the ground?

  2. Ditto Katherine about the flower.
    I'm waiting for some charming fellow to come pick up her glove. XD

  3. Hmm. . .I think she just got back from a funeral and is taking off her gloves. But she was too busy day dreaming about so-and-so being alive to notcie she droped her glove on the ground. . .
    either that or she's trying to flirt with someone, hoping they'll pick up the glove for her, like you said. lol.

  4. She seems to be gazing at the viewer a bit dreamily . . . I bet she's flirting!

  5. Such a dreary, elegant painting. On one hand (no pun intended)it's rather annoying me, because she seems to be in mourning, and she has the tiny-ist bit of a teasing look in her eye, and she's all dreamy. Wow, my mind amazes me at times. I was thinking, what if she killed the person she's now mourning.
    No, no. She doesn't have that look on her face, though she could be hiding it.

    The flower is giving me mixed messages too (what is it with me today, seeing what it could be and what it absolutely probably isn't but there is just the smallest hint of something, and off I go, making up things to fit). The flower could just be her trying to cheer herself up, and have something lovely to gaze at, or it could be the favorite flower of the person she's mourning. Then the little voice in my head perks up, saying "what if she's being taunting, and trying to lure men to her, to comfort her, then she'll pounce"

    To end on a less morbid note, I do think the wall paper is rather quaint. Oh no, here I go again! I'm sorry. But it looks like hearts, which make me think that a loved one, possibly her husband is the one who died, or who she killed, and she's now going after a lover, or something.

    oh dear. I should just stop writing now. Or maybe I should write a story about her. oh the possibilities.

  6. It's probably just a portrait that doesn't mean anything but "She's pretty and I can paint!" but finding random meanings in stuff is so much more fun than that. ;)

  7. True. I normally don't like portraits (stiff, just one person and such) so much, but I find that if I actually really look, and think about every detail, I come out with some really fun stories. Especially as they don't tell you much about the person, so you really have to search, and try to piece together the puzzle of their personalities, and their life.

  8. I read a book on Burne-Jones that said that his portraits (and all good portraits) transcend portraiture. So I keep wanting to post some good portraits along with that quote, but I never get around to it! Anyway, Edward Burne-Jones and John Singer Sargent painted great portraits, and one of these days I'll post them! ;)

  9. I'm really excited! I'm really starting to like portraits. can't wait.