Monday, February 8, 2010

Portrait of Milada Cerny

(click to enlarge)
Alphonse Mucha
(Czechoslovakian, 1860-1939)
Portrait of Milada Cerny, 1906
Oil on canvas

I love Alphonse Mucha. He's most well known for his posters, but his paintings are really beautiful too. His perfect colors, intricate decorations, and beautiful faces remain the same. :)


  1. Portrait sitters tend to look that way. ;)

  2. oh my goodness, the poor dear! She looks as if someone has died!
    I love the color of her hair though.

  3. this is actually a portrait of my husband's great grandmother. she was an amazingly gifted girl. her name was originally spelled 'czerny', but when they arrived at ellis island, it was changed to 'cerny'. the sadness on her face breaks my heart...she was a prodigy and was playing in concert halls at the age of 3. her father forced her to play and would actually slam her head onto the keys and bang her wrists on them as well if she messed up during practice. she struggled with her eyesight as a result of the head trauma and ended up losing her eyesight. she died in poverty and most of her most precious possessions were stolen. so sad.

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing all that information! It definitely brings new depth to the painting. :)