Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

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Maxfield Parrish
(American, 1870-1966)
Sleeping Beauty, 1812
Oil on canvas


  1. beautiful!! I love the flower wreaths! (and the story)
    Only one query. How is it possible for the girl on the left to still be curled up like that? Wouldn't she have flopped? Or at least her arms would have unclasped, since you muscles completely relax when you are asleep.

    on another note,
    My friend is named after Princess Aurora!

  2. People in paintings tend to sleep in very uncomfortable positions. I think the artist was willing to sacrifice realism for the composition. OR, the enchanted sleep doesn't relax your muscles!

    Eeek! That's awesome! I always wanted to name a child after something fairytale-ish.

  3. This is beautiful! But it would seem more realistic if her back was to a wall or something that would support her. Believe me, that is not a comfortable position to me sitting in if you have no back support.

  4. Haha, have you guys ever seen the painting Flaming June? Artists don't seem to care if just looking at the painting gives you a back ache. ;)

  5. Her position would make more sense maybe it she was flopped against the step princess Aurora is sleeping on at least. The others seems in relaxed positions. Okay, I'll just enjoy the painting and stop questioning the artist's sanity. ;) teehee.

    I know! I've always loved fairytale names. One of her other sisters is named after a opera character (I don't know which opera). Musetta.

    No, I've never seen the painting Flaming June. maybe you should post it :)