Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Green Lizard

(click to enlarge)
Charles E Perugini
(English, 1839-1918)
The Green Lizard (also known as The Lizard Charmer), 1902
Oil on canvas

Such a gorgeously sunny day! What better way to spend it then . . . . playing music to a lizard. 


  1. Heehee, that's adorable - I love lizards!

    I really like the other two paintings you posted, and I'd never seen either of them...I'm looking forward to seeing what else you'll post! :)

  2. This painting is amazing! I've never seen it or heard of this artist, thanks for posting it! I really like the lighting on the two girls and the folds of their dresses.

  3. Lady Blanche Rose- I love lizards too! ;)

    Gwen Rose- I know! The first thing I thought when I saw this painting was "WOW,a awesome lighting and dresses! Why have I never heard of this guy?"

  4. Beautiful painting.
    Though I must admit it makes me think of the Gieco gecko. I'm just sitting here giggling while imagining what the lizard would say in this situation.

  5. Any minute now that lizard will stand up and tell them how to save money! ;)