Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Teasing Riddle

(click to enlarge)
Augustus Leopold Egg
(English, 1816-1863)
A Teasing Riddle, ????
Oil on canvas

Aw. :)


  1. Just looking at this makes me go "hmmm." This is a funny painting...I get the feeling that whatever they're trying to figure out is terribly obvious, and someone is about to show up and tell them that. Giggle.

  2. But look! The girls seem to already know the answer. They're sharing a conspiratorial look and the girl on the right is holding a figure to her lips. She's signaling the other girl not to tell. Poor guy, I wonder if he'll figure it out! ;)

  3. oooh I hadn't realized that they were looking at each other. Wonder if it's something from that book that one of the girls is holding?

  4. oh, I love this!
    (I also love how you tagged the eggs...that just made me laugh)

  5. Actually, Egg is the last name of the artist! I thought it looked silly though. XD
    And later I found a painter named Bacon and immediately thought: "I should post a painting by him so I have the tags Bacon and Egg."

  6. Oh, I totally missed that!
    And I think the objects I was thinking were eggs are actually turnips or some root vegetable of the sort. So it's a good thing you tagged it, because now I'm actually aware of the painter's name, and I have studied the painting closer.
    You most definitely should post a painting by Bacon!

  7. And then maybe another tag for "Painters with Last Names that Sound Like Breakfast Foods" ;)