Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Farewell

(click to enlarge)
James Jacques Tissot
(French, 1836-1902)
The Farewell, 1871
Oil on Canvas

Tissot is known for his paintings of pretty girls in pretty dresses. If you're interested in Victorian clothes he's definitely the artist to check out! Enlarge the picture and look at how detailed it is!


  1. I'm pretty sure this was in my art book one year . . .I really love this type of art work. ::)

  2. Sweet and sad . . . art you can read.

  3. I've been waiting for someone to give me an idea for what kinda of art to post the most! Awesome! ;)

  4. She has the sweetest pair of tiny scissors attached to her skirt! They seem to represent the parting, cutting the bond, separation, etc.

  5. Omg, I never noticed that! I'm so glad I started this blog, everyone notices these important details that I don't! :)

  6. Together we all notice more than we would alone.
    That reminds me of this one sculpture I once saw, and I didn't think a whole lot about it, but with a group of friends, we discussed it for over a half an hour.

  7. Wow! It's so fun discussing art with a bunch of people. One of the reasons I started this blog! :D

  8. I'm very glad you did! I love art, and now I'm exposed to more art work, that I might not have been otherwise.