Friday, January 1, 2010

The Enchanted Garden (Welcome!)

I had a lot of trouble picking the painting for today. I wanted a painting that would really represent the kind of feeling I wanted the blog to have. And I think I found one that does that very well!
(click to enlarge) 
John William Waterhouse
(English, 1849-1917)
The Enchanted Garden, 1916
Oil on canvas

Waterhouse died before completing this painting, but even unfinished it's lovely. Did you notice the sprinkling of snow flurrying in from the outside? Even while it's frigid outside, the garden is calm, warm, and enchanting! That's how I would like this blog to be, an enchanted garden of sorts. Where, no matter how gold and gray it is outside, you can find beauty. This does not mean every painting I post is going to be full of flowers and pretty dresses (though probably a lot of them will be!). I hope there will be some variety. But you can help me with that! Please, leave comments! Tell me what you think of the paintings, and feel free to recommend other artists and paintings! And please, try to tolerate my terrible writing skills and affinity for smilie faces. :)

Welcome to The Daily Painting!


  1. Dearest Painting Girl, You choose one of my favorite painting and my very favorite Artist. I have a feeling I am going to love this blog :D

  2. Oh I know you are! Waterhouse is one of my ultimate favorites and I think he'll be featured on this blog A LOT. :D