Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Orange Gatherers

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John William Waterhouse
(English, 1849-1917)
The Orange Gatherers, 1890
Oil on canvas

This is one of my favorite paintings. However, in all the photos I had seen of it (I haven't seen it in person) I always thought the colors seemed much to dark for such a sunny scene,  So I was overjoyed when I saw this photo of the same painting:
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The quality of the image isn't as good, but it seems to imply that the painting is brighter in person!


  1. Lovely! The girl sitting on the blanket is so cute. :) I wish the colors were a bit brighter, though.

  2. I thought the exact same thing! I even looked around a bit to see if it was just the photo. But I guess unless I see the painting in person I'll never know. Anyone want to go to England with me?

  3. I do I do!

    The little girl is adorable.

  4. Ooh yes! We'll totally crash London! WOO!

    -Katie 0:-)